Katherie Brickley and Caroline Brickley - Authors of The Blossom Shoppe

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." - Margaret Fuller

Who We Are

Our Mission: To create stories and story-based content that empower children to grow into lifelong readers and empathetic leaders side by side all within a supportive, international community.

Blossom Children’s Media Group (Blossom) is an award-winning, independent children’s media company dedicated to growing lifelong readers and empathetic leaders through an enriching combination of original stories, story-based content, and community-centered experiences. 


We are motivated by our vision for a world where every child has access to the resources and support they need to learn, grow, and blossom to their fullest potential.  We hope that the messages in our storytelling will help make the world a more wonderful, colorful, and kind place for everybody.

What We Do

Stories that grow big hearts.

Blossom’s work starts with, and comes back to, the story. We publish picture books that are as entertaining as they are enriching. Every story we publish features uplifting stories, inspiring characters and empowering messages of inclusion and self-confidence that allow children around the world to BLOSSOM together. Our characters serve as positive role models for young readers, inspiring them to take action to spark positive change in the real world. Our stories are research-based to carry messages to help foster social-emotional skills, such as empathy, persistence, and optimism.

Content that cultivates curious minds. 

We then go a step further by taking each story off the page through a healthy mixture of online and offline story-based content. we create music and videos, to printables, products. Our story-based content works to get children excited about reading and encourage them to grow into confident, creative, and kind individuals who believe in themselves and their ability to grow a better world for everyone through empathetic leadership. 

A safe community where every child belongs.

But, that’s not all! Believing that a safe environment is essential to a child’s development, Blossom provides an inclusive online and offline community that gives children from around the world a place to feel seen, heard, and celebrated, empowering them to learn, grow, and BLOSSOM side by side. From the Americas to Europe to Asia, our Blossom Family spans the globe and is an inclusive community of children, families, and educators who are dedicated to realizing Blossom’s mission together.