Head back to school with

The Blossom Sisters!



Make this school year BLOSSOM with Poppy & Posie! 

In the video above, watch how Poppy & Posie tackle their first day of school jitters to get ready for the wonderful, colorful school year ahead. Scroll down for even more inspiration, from music to activities, on how to help little ones prepare for a new year full of learning, growing, and BLOSSOMING!

Sing & Dance Into the School Year!

The start of a new school year comes with many changes. Sing and dance along to Poppy & Posie's hit song, "Family, Friends, & Flowers", as they celebrate the things that matter most and will always stay the same.

Start a First Day of School Tradition!

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One of Poppy & Posie's favorite parts of the start of a new school year is the special tradition they have to look forward to every time August rolls around: Forever Flowers. This unique activity is meant to be enjoyed as a family to help little ones feel supported during their first day of school and for the rest of the year.

Make a One-Of-A-Kind Craft!

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Send your little one into the new school year with confidence! Poppy & Posie's special One-of-a-Kind Blossom Craft that will help them do just that and more. This wonderful, colorful craft encourages creativity, builds confidence, nurtures lasting self-esteem, and allows children to celebrate their unique qualities and passions! 

Become a Blossom Buddy!

By becoming a Blossom Buddy, children are welcomed into our Blossom Family: a welcoming and supportive community of children and families from all around the world dedicated to BLOSSOMING together! 

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Celebrate Stories!

MIriam reading in posie dress with hedwi

The start of the school year is just like the start of a new story! With our new special printable activity, Become a Storybook Character, children can turn themselves into a storybook character and experience all the excitement and adventure of their own personal story. 

Send Poppy & Posie a Message!

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Become pen pals with beloved storybook characters, Poppy & Posie! Send a message to the Blossom Sisters about how you are feeling about the new school year ahead and they will respond with a personalized letter back just for YOU!