Blossom Holiday Grow Guide Cover (1).png
Blossom Holiday Grow Guide Cover (1).png
Blossom Holiday Grow Guide Cover (1).png
Blossom Holiday Grow Guide Cover (1).png
Blossom Holiday Grow Guide Cover.png

The holiday season is one of the most wonderful times of the year where we all watch our world fill with magic from twinkling lights to sugary delights to snowy nights. If you're looking for extra special ways to make your little one's holiday season even more magical this year, look no further! Below are our favorite ideas on how to fill your little one's heart with holiday cheer as well as support their growth and development this season and every season.  

Blossom Holiday Toolkit


Sing + Dance-Along to Your Favorite Holiday Songs!

Celebrate the holiday season by singing and dancing along to holiday songs like Poppy & Posie's Christmas song, What Christmas Means to Me, with your family and friends. You all will be filled with the holiday spirit as you sing about the greatest gift we can all give and receive: Love!

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Printable Cards for Kids
Holiday Activities for Kids
Candy Cane
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Send Your Loved Ones Festive Holiday Cards!

This holiday season, let your family and friends know just how much you love and appreciate them with a special handwritten letter. This printable features 5 BLOSSOM holiday cards inspired by The Blossom Shoppe. Your loved ones are sure to feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they receive one of these in their mailbox!

Deck the Halls!

Make the most wonderful, colorful time of the year even moreso by decking the halls with our free tree ornaments inspired by The Blossom Shoppe. The best part is, this printable activity includes a DIY ornament for you and your little one to create together!

Give. Grow. BLOSSOM!

The opportunity to give back to our communities and those in need is one of the most rewarding gifts we can ever receive, gifting us with lessons and memories that last a lifetime. Give, grow, and blossom with us this holiday season and all year round by partaking in various giving activities/initiatives. 

Christmas Tree
Christmas Decoration
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Snuggle Up With a Good Show!

Grab some popcorn, snuggle under a fuzzy blanket and turn on a fun holiday show or movie to watch like Poppy & Posie's Christmas Special! Join the Blossom Sisters on all of their Christmas adventures from caroling to decorating to giving back. Also, hear from some Blossom Buddies from around the world on what brings them the most cheer during the holiday season! 

Give Your Loved Ones Gifts From the Heart!

Purchase your family and friends presents off their holiday wishlists and wrap each one with love. Gifts that will bring any little one in your life joy can be found in Blossom's online store, from picture books to costumes to coloring pages!