Give. Grow. BLOSSOM!

Blossom believes that one of the most important ways we can help children grow is by providing them with meaningful and achievable opportunities to give back. On top of cultivating positive traits like generosity and compassion for others, when we allow children to give, children are imbued with lifelong confidence and self-esteem, knowing that they have something to offer the people and the world around them.


While the weather is getting colder, we are lucky that for people, everyday is an opportunity to grow! That is why this year during the holiday season, we at Blossom are so excited to launch “Give. Grow. Blossom”: A special campaign that provides parents with meaningful ways, resources, activities, and ideas to empower their children through giving. 

Opportunities to Give
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Buy a book, give a book!

Blossom makes it easy to give. Whenever you purchase a book from our online store, Blossom donates a book to Books for Kids: a non-profit that promotes literacy among preschool-aged children in under-resourced communities.

Share Kindness Through Social Media

Sometimes the best thing we can give is a little kindness. Our Blossom Family has taken to Social Media to spread kindness in our comment section. Join them!

Donate to a Little Free Library

Join co-founders, Caroline and Katherine, in donating books to the Little Free Libraries around your neighborhood. Maybe even start one of your own! 

More resources on the way!
Activities that Inspire Giving