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Growing Gratitude

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Now more than ever, it seems that gratitude is one of the most important things we can grow in our children. It has been proven that gratitude helps children acquire the positive outlook and well-being that helps them to overcome challenges and thrive during these ever-changing times.


Aren't we lucky then that gratitude is something we can grow all year round? While we are releasing this toolkit just in time to celebrate the special season of thanks and giving, these ideas and activities are suitable for all seasons. 


Make Thankful Flowers!

Flowers full of thanks – each one grown with gratitude. While specially designed for Thanksgiving, Poppy & Posie's Thankful Flowers Craft is a perfect way to inspire gratitude in your child any day! It also makes a wonderful, colorful gift. 

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Blossom Blog: 10 Ways to Make Gratitude a Habit

In this blog article, our blog writer, Julia, outlines 10 proven ways to not only grow gratitude by incorporating it into your daily routines, conversations, and making it a meaningful activity for families to take part in together.

Sing About What Matters Most!

Poppy & Posie's hit song, "Family, Friends, & Flowers", is a celebration of gratitude, making it a great song to share with your children when building a gratitude routine. Pair it with this matching printable.

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Spotting Gratitude in Stories!

Make reading a gratitude growing activity by actively spotting examples of thanks and appreciation throughout a story. In The Blossom Shoppe, Poppy and Posie are so grateful for their family flower shop, when the shop might close, they work hard to find a way to get the rest of the townspeople to see why their shop and flowers are so special. In other words, they inspire their community to be grateful for the wonderful (and colorful!) things around them.