Meet Our Blossom Buddies!


Meet Kendrick!

(Maryland, USA | Age 6)

Kendrick is a Blossom Buddy who knows how important it is to pursue our passions. In his own words, “I am Blossom because I like to sing, I like to ride my bike, I like to help, and I also like to draw!” At 6 years old, Kendrick knows that the things we enjoy doing make up a huge part of who we are and who we grow up to be! By devoting time to pursuing our passions each day, not only do we grow new skills and knowledge, but contribute something meaningful to the world! Kendrick adds something beautiful to the world each day by bringing joy to others through music, art, as well as giving – one of the best ways we can all spend out time! By choosing to grow each day through the pursuit of meaningful activities and passions, Kendrick inspires us all to do the same – thus making the world a more wonderful, colorful, and kind place for everyone. That’s what makes Kendrick … Blossom!

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