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Blossom's unique approach allows children and families to not only experience Blossom's original stories through high-quality picture books,  but through a wholesome combination of online and offline media and merchandise.

Blossom's story-based content enriches the reading experience, gives children the opportunity to connect what they’ve read to the world around them, and encourages young readers to put the social-emotional skills they’ve read about into practice. 

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Children and families can experience Blossom's story-inspired songs, which allow young readers to understand the story's main themes and learning goals through the lens of music. Each song is written and choreographed to encourage meaningful movement. Plus, songs are thoughtfully orchestrated and produced to help children develop musical understanding and appreciation.



Blossom's story-inspired videos are engaging and interactive: designed to inspire critical thinking, meaningful movement, and curiosity while watching and beyond the screen.

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Blossom's story-inspired printables are centered around meaningful topics, which foster learning and social-emotional skills. They encourage children to put important themes into hands-on practice, as well as provide an opportunity to apply what they've learned into real-world contexts.



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The most recent addition to our collection of story-based content, Blossom's merchandise provides a tactile extension of the story — allowing children to engage in literature in a meaningful, innovative way.


Choose a story and start exploring! 

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Content for Parents and Educators

Learning how to help children grow

Blossom Blog

Parenting articles, tips and tricks, activity outlines, Blossom news, and more written by the Blossom team.

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Blossom Toolkits

Curated collections of our story-based content centered around meaningful topics.

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Blossom SEL Sheets

Printable worksheets designed to nurture SEL skills in addition to Blossom's story-based content.