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A letter to you from Poppy & Posie:

Dear Blossom Friend,

Summer is in full bloom here in Blossom Town! Beneath the bright blue sky, friends laugh and play in Primrose Park, smiling faces fill up every street, and summer flowers grow all around. Everywhere you go, there is fun and a friend to be found.

Summer is one of our favorite seasons because it's all about getting outside, being active, and making memories with family and friends. Since school got out in June, we have been celebrating the special spirit of summer by having lots of wonderful, colorful fun. This week, we stopped by Blossom Town Beach to splash in the waves and enjoy the beautiful sunset. While we were there, we also filmed our music video for "Silly Lily," our newest original song! Come sing and dance along by clicking here.

As summer continues to bloom around us, we wanted to share some of our favorite summer activities with you, to inspire the most, wonderful, colorful summer for you and your family and friends. Take a look at the wonderful, colorful summer ideas below and let us know how you like to celebrate the summer sending us a message here.

Always remember . . . you are BLOSSOM!


🌸Poppy & Posie 🌸

Sing and Dance Along to "Silly Lily" and Poppy & Posie's other Songs