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Self-Esteem. Community. Magic.


An award-winning picture book about twin sisters, Poppy & Posie Blossom, and their journey to make their beloved family flower shop belong in their completely gray town. With some magical seeds, colorful dreams, and the courage to be who they are – Poppy and Posie change their entire community for the better and along the way, discover that being yourself is the most magical power of all. 

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Confidence. Friendship. Inclusion.


Meet Bibli: A little library bookshelf in search of a story about someone like him. The Friendly Bookshelf is an inspiring new SEL-based picture book. Beautifully weaving together messages of friendship, self-confidence, and inclusion in a never-before-seen way, The Friendly Bookshelf draws upon timely yet timeless messages to gently assure children and adults alike that we all have an important story worth sharing.

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About Blossom's Stories

The story behind the stories

Blossom's original stories are written by Blossom's co-founders Caroline and Katherine Brickley. With backgrounds in education, childhood development, creative writing, and children's literature, Blossom's stories are written to be as entertaining as they are enriching. Our uplifting stories center around both timeless and timely messages as well as key social-emotional skills, such as empathy, persistence, and optimism. Every story we publish features inspiring characters that serve as positive role models (and friends!) for young readers, inspiring them to take action to spark positive change in the real world.